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Have you ever locked yourself out of your own house, or perhaps accidently left your keys locked in the car? It can happen to anyone, at anytime, and when it happens it is rarely a pleasant experience.  While you can’t easily avoid such situations, as often you end up in one by mistake, you can certainly make them less annoying by having the phone number of a reliable locksmith in your phone.

There are all kinds of locksmiths out here in Pinecraft but can you really trust someone with your locks without knowing for sure that they are legit and professional? Most likely not, right? We at Pinecraft FL Locksmith Store understand the importance of trust and quality of work. This is why we do background checks on all our locksmiths to ensure that the safety of your house is not compromised. We also provide our locksmiths state of the art tools and equipment so that they can get the job done in the smallest amount of time possible.



Rapid response:

One of the things that give us an edge over other locksmith services providers in the Pinecraft, FL area is our rapid response. We are always ready and prepared for any kind of lock and key problem. Whether it is night or day you can always depend on our service. You could be struggling with a broken key of your car, deserted on a remote location but if you have our number you can be assured that help will reach you in no time.

Widespread Availability:

Our services are available everywhere in or near the . No matter where you are located we can find you and help you with your problem. We have our own fleet of vans that enable our professional locksmiths to cover every possible geographical area that falls within the Pinecraft, FL region.  Not many locksmiths can claim this kind of incredible service.

Dedicated 24/7 team

We at Pinecraft FL Locksmith Store’s are not just about getting the job done and making money, we are also about building relationships. When our locksmiths visit a customer they go out of their way to make the customer feel valued and respected. No matter what your demands are you will be heard, and once you have availed our services you will call us again and again whenever you will need help without doubt.

Skilled Technicians 

We are very strict with our hiring system. Not only are our technicians highly-competent they are also made to go through a tough training so that they are prepared for any possible problem that a customer faces. The level of skill they have is so high that in most cases they are able to fix a problem within minutes. You will actually be surprised to see the kind of finesse and dexterity they have.

Zero-added charge:

Another thing that stands us apart from other locksmith providers is that we offer our services at zero-added costs. Many locksmiths try to take advantage of their customers by charging extra for 24-7 services. We at Pinecraft FL Locksmith Store don’t believe in that kind of attitude. Our charges are always reasonable and you never have to pay a penny extra for the job.



  • Pinecraft FL Locksmith Store, Pinecraft, FL 941-270-4495Duplicate keys
  • Door installation and repairs
  • Broken keys repairs and extraction
  • Lock upgrades
  • Fixing dysfunctional locking mechanisms
  • Advanced locks installation
  • Ignition repairs
  • Lock replacements for both residential and commercial buildings 
  • Vehicle unlocking

And more

So what are you waiting for? Add Pinecraft FL Locksmith Store’s number on your phone so that the next time you need a locksmith to help you out you don’t have to do with a rookie who overcharges you.